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Save Transparent PNG in Affinity Designer

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How to create/save transparent PNG files in Affinity Designer

For someone who was used to the “Save for Web & Devices…” workflow to save transparent PNGs on Photoshop, switching to Affinity Designer had me all confused on how to save PNGs with transparency.

On the export dialogue or the export persona on Affinity Designer, I was not able to figure out how to save with transparency. In my search for answers, here are two methods that I found for this.

Method 1:

When you create a new file File > New, you can choose to create a file with ‘Transparent background’.

Create new file window on Affinity Designer

Method 2:

On Draw Persona or Pixel Persona, you can click on Document Setup... > Color. On the Color tab there is an option for ‘Transparent background’.

Document Setup on Affinity Designer

These are the ways that I know so far. If you know an easier way, please do share.