Hi, I’m Ahmed Naxeem — a Front-end developer (UI/UX), digital and brand identity designer. Thank you for visiting my website, my little space on the web.

I have had many attempts at blogging over the years, starting from 2007. I was more into making WordPress themes for my blog more than writing, and designing signatures for forums back then. My blog used to have a new theme every week or so. It was crazy, the sense of achievement, to create something on your own, it was a thrill.

My first custom website design, development and logo design was for an online news website my friends and I started in 2008, back when we were in school. It was called Vedivado.com. I had so much fun making it.

Well, that was the start, since then I have been designing logos, menus, flyers, and other graphics. I have been developing websites, web apps, and mobile apps. It has been a learning process in every stage, on every step.

Visit my studio website Little Red Giant.

P.S. On this blog, I like to write about things about design and development that I want to remember later.


  • University of Northumbria - Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.
  • Academy of Design - HND in Graphic Design.


  • Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives - Senior Developer (Front-end) Nov 2014 to Mar 2017
  • Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives - Web Developer (Front-end) Dec 2013 to Nov 2014
  • We Are Designers - Web Designer Nov 2013 to Jan 2014
  • Check out my work here.