Project Breif: Farting in Public

The Problem: People look at farting as an annoying or rude habit. But everyone does it, as it is a human condition. Something normal. People have to realize that farting is something normal, like breathing, and it’s ok to fart. To help people understand this create a poster series which communicates to them that it’s ok to fart.

Target Audience: Teenagers and Adults.

Stock images used in the project: ToksycznalLadyJusticeStock, Marcus Ranum

All three Posters

We were given an open brief to choose something that annoys us or a problem and to address that using visual media. I thought of having some fun with the project so after brain farting for a while I developed this concept. A series of posters showing people launching themselves up in to the air as they fart like a rocket, enjoying every moment of it.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3