Project Breif: Create an online resource, a way to pipe the design processes and principals into the design community in the Maldives. Create a platform to inspire young designers to design a better design.

Concept: The design is inspired by print magazine layouts.

Target Audience: Maldivian design community.

The Name: It is a Design Magazine for the Maldivian design community. So I needed something that connects to Design and Maldives.

If you look at Maldives on a world map, you will either see a bunch of pixels or nothing. There are 26 atolls (groups of islands) in Maldives, so the name 26px.

The Magazine

The 26px website has three layouts for each page to fit different screen sizes. It supports Desktop, Tablet (iPad) and Smart Phone.

To keep it relevant to the community, Design professionals from the community will contribute to the magazine. It releases two issues per week and each issue has a theme. e.g. Photography, Web Design, Illustration, etc…

Home page.

About us page.

Category page.

Contact us page.

Tutorial page.

Inspirational post page.

Interview post page.





For promotion the magazine will get key social media influencers from the design community to contribute or get them interviewed. When these influencers talk about the contribution or interview on their social channels, people will talk and find out about it.